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March 2018 HTML PDF
Thank You - Who Knows How the World Will be Changed?

June 2018 HTML PDF
Donor Advised Funds:
Possible Tax Benefits
Tidbits on the New Tax Law and Donations

October 2018 HTML PDF
Why I am a Foundation Director

December 2018 HTML PDF
Grace-Filled Buckets and
Why I am a Foundation Director


March 2019 HTML PDF
Are You Ready?


March 2014 HTML PDF
Why Write a Will? and
The ABCs of a Good Will

June 2014 HTML PDF
Different Gift Opportunities

September 2014 HTML PDF
Announcing The William and Lorraine Benson Music Fund

December 2014 HTML PDF
Amazing Grace, Reaching Out in Love


March 2015 HTML PDF
The Future and the Foundation and
Future Planning to Support Grace - on a Personal Level

June 2015 HTML PDF
Did you ever let a little publicity or fear of a full mail box keep you from giving? and
Tips to Reduce Unsolicited Mail

September 2015 HTML PDF
The Warren Buffet Effect and
What Ministries Do You Love?

December 2015 HTML PDF
Planning Ahead: A Dozen Things to Consider about Your Estate


April 2016 HTML PDF
CAST Funds Renamed the Storvick Funds and
Give a Gift - Endowed or Not

July 2016 HTML PDF
Why Sesame Street is Not Enough

September 2016 HTML PDF
"Giving It Forward"

December 2016 HTML PDF
Outside Requests and "Thivent Choice" Dollars and
End of Year Planning


March 2017 HTML PDF
Support for Grace Lutheran Church's 75th Anniversary

June 2017 HTML PDF
Beneficiary Designations as Gift Opportunities

September 2017 HTML PDF
An Awesome Stewardship Responsibility!

December 2017 HTML PDF
A Foundation of the Church, by the Church, for the Church


March 2010
The Foundation: What it Does.
How You Help, and
What you Can-and Can't-Give Us

June 2010
End of Life Series:
Legacy Planning, Medical Directives,
Funerals and Memorial Services

September 2010
Unprepared Presidents
Dying without a Will, and
Calmly Doing Your Will, and
Doing your Will - Easy as ABC

December 2010
Elections, Campaign Promises and Our Foundation


March 2011
Humble Heroes of Grace:
Carl and Alice Ronnenkamp

June 2011
What to Do After a Loved One Dies
with PDF checklist.

September 2011
Turning a Bad Asset into a Good Asset

December 2011
"Leaving a Legacy" Workshop Report


March 2012
What Does Your Faith Inspire? and
Foundation Helps Youth:
Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA

June 2012
"All That We Have is Thine Alone..."
and Inspired Giving

September 2012
The Tale of a Frustrated Executor

December 2012
Are You Prepared in Case Something Happens to You Unexpectedly? and
Advance Directives:
Things You Should Know


April 2013 HTML PDF
Oak Trees and Future Funding

June 2013 HTML PDF
What Did You Have in Mind? Gifts from Estates, and
Oak Trees and Future Funding

September 2013 HTML PDF
Your Foundation: Endowed Funds and
I don't have an estate, do I? and
We Give Thee but Thine Own

December 2013 HTML PDF
Announcing the Schultz Family Youth Fund
and Your Foundation: Non-Endowed Funds


February 2006
Generosity's Continued Benefits

May 2006
We're Giving the Church
Our Kids' Inheritance

August 2006
Your Footprints

November 2006
Give the Growth


February 2007
Creating and Nuturing
the Grace Foundation

May 2007
Why Endowments Work

August 2007
Two-Step Giving

November 2007
ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust to Manage Grace Foundation Funds


March 2008
Answers to Some Questions about
the Foundation

June 2008
Comings and Goings

September 2008
What You Can't Give Us

December 2008
More Than One Place at a Time


April 2009
Funding a Foundation
Is that Goofy or What?

June 2009
What's in a Name?
A Rose by Any Other Name
Would Smell as Sweet
and Becoming a Willing Witness

September 2009
Foundation Update, and
Many Ways to Make a Gift

December 2009
Saying "Thanks" with our Gifts

August 2002
How to Help Your Lawyer, and Yourself

November 2002
Funds Managed by the Foundation


February 2003
Your Donations at Work

May 2003
Five Ways a Gift Annuity
Can Benefit You

August 2003
We Cannot Take it With Us
and, If We Had Only Known

November 2003
You can Give a Gift Annuity


February 2004
(No article)

May 2004
Stock Quiz

August 2004
Give your House and Live In It
(Life Estate Reserved Agreement)

November 2004
(No article)


February 2005
How to Make a Good Gift Better

May 2005
Farewell... ...and Welcome

August 2005
(No article)

November 2005
Have you Reviewed Your Will Lately?

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