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Caring for the Ministry of Grace: "Ecclesia Perpetua"
March 2023

Board of Directors

Carolyn Warloe


Shelly Lundahl


Hal Dick


Michael Beachley


Mary Ann Brenan


Kris Saathoff


Patrick Schroeder


Jeff Beck

Ex officio

Pastor Dorthy Nielsen

Ex officio

Joy Linn

Administrative Asst.

The Grace Lutheran
Church Foundation is
a professionally
managed corporate
nonprofit foundation
established by Grace
Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Corvallis,

An Inter-faith Effort for
Hope and Healing

by Shelly Lundahl


Too many of our neighbors are drowning in medical debt which cripples their options for moving forward with life long after they've recovered from a health emergency. Medical charges result from the misfortune of sudden illness or injury or a chronic condition, but not by choice. It's not like you can shop around for the best price or choose not to splurge on a medical "purchase" during a health crisis. The weight of this debt can put at risk everything a person or family has - relationships, education opportunities, and housing - increasing fear for the future. If we can help our neighbors by relieving this burden, what a gift it could be - restoring hope and life.

In February, 14 faith-based organizations in Silverton created an Oregon Hope and Healing Campaign event within the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to be used for Oregonians in need, with a goal of raising $15,000. They created a community event and spread the word among each congregation and their networks. Pastor Dorthy shared their efforts with the Grace Foundation and suggested that we participate. The GLCF directors supported this idea wholeheartedly, especially since the assistance was coming back to help our neighbors. The Hope and Healing Campaign met its goal, raising $15,881, and wiped out $1.7 million in medical debt for 3,200 individuals in Oregon. This sounds similar to Jesus' creative math like multiplying loaves to feed the multitudes and forgiving your neighbor 70 times 7.

RIP Medical Debt is a national nonprofit with the mission statement: "Our mission is to end medical debt and be 1 - A source of justice in an unjust healthcare finance system; 2 - A unique solution for patient-centered healthcare providers; and 3 - A moral force for systemic change." Through pooled resources and understanding the debt collections financing systems, they identify those most in need through data analytics and buy debt in bundles at a fraction of the original cost. So, their process multiplies the effect of donations to reduce about 100x the value in debt. To date, they have relieved over $8.5 billion in debt for about 5.5 million families.

This specific Hope and Healing Campaign is closed after meeting its goal, but let's continue to spread the word about this type of opportunity. It's also a wonderful example of

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In Service to the Ministry of Christ's Church

Grace Lutheran Church Foundation
Financial Report

January 1 - December 31, 2022


Foundation Total Assets *





Projects Approved and Paid in 2022
Grace Center endowment distribution
Audio Tech and Visual Production
    position, 3 year support.
    $13,000, $8,710, $4,290.
    (Approved in 2021)
"All Creation Sings" hymnals
    (anonymous donation)
Baptism MIF4Kidz 'donations'



Total Projects

* The Foundation's total assets on January 1, 2022, were $785,104.24.

An Inter-faith Effort for
Hope and Healing

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local churches of different denominations uniting to solve a common problem and multiplying their outreach. Together they created awareness and created an opportunity for people to share a life-giving gift to neighbors struggling with this weight. The Grace Foundation is proud to have contributed to this campaign and hopes it encourages readers to find and support creative organizations like this that are offering hope and healing. We also hope it sparks new visions of ways our congregation can find partners and address big needs together. The Foundation has resources to support ministry work, so ask about applying for funds. Let's channel Jesus' love here and share his creative multiplication.

The Board of Directors acknowledges the generosity of the following donors:
October 2022
Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR
Milt Larson Estate

In Memory of Carole Boersma

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR
Lynn Robertson

In Memory of Lew and Gloria Nelson

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Milt Larson

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Dave Baker

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Lew and Donna Williams

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Maud Corl

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Cy Stadsvold

Millie Babb, Corvallis, OR

December 2022
Cathy Mueller, Corvallis, OR

To Music Ministry

Nancy Hemming, Corvallis, OR

To Ronnenkamp Endowment

Carol and Kris Warloe, Corvallis, OR

In Memory of Ruth Alexander

Diane Alexander, Arlington, VA

In Memory of Eldon Erickson

David and Laura Metzger, Salem, OR

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