This Weeks Calendar

Sun, Jan. 10 –  10 am – Live Stream Worship Service
11 am – Zoom Communion
Mon, Jan. 11 – 11 am – 4 pm – Office Staff on Site
6:45 pm – Council Meeting via Zoom
Tue, Jan. 12– 3:30 pm – Freedom of a Christian book study
7pm – Worship and Music Zoom meeting
Wed, Jan. 13 – 6:30 pm – Adult Bible Study Zoom Meeting
Thurs, Jan. 14 – 9am – 4pm – Office Staff on Site
12 pm – Wisdom Seekers Zoom Meeting
3pm – Conversation in Spanish zoom meeting

6:30 pm  Live Stream Worship Rehearsal
Sat, Jan. 16 –
10 am – Empathy Seminar
Sun, Jan. 10 – 10 am – Live Stream Worship
11 am – Zoom Communion


Christ in Our Home

 Printed copies of Christ in Our Home have arrived.  Please contact the office to pick one up or arrange to receive one.

You can sign up to recieve free daily devotion emails at the link below.


Did you loan us a Christmas Tree Stand?

We have a couple of green tree stands left from the drive-thru Nativity that we can’t find names on. Might one be yours? Please contact Donna King at so we can get your stand back to you. Thanks!


  Empathy Zoom meeting

   The Growing Young Cohort of the Christian Education Committee is inviting all Grace    members to a one-hour Zoom session examining Empathy at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16. Cammie Bella, a local retreat and class leader, spiritual director and licensed lay preacher, will lead us as we discover the power of our words and how to listen with presence. All ages are encouraged to attend, as we will also explore optimizing intergenerational conversations. For more information, contact Wendy Geist, 541-801-1840.

Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 875 1362 4311
Passcode: 169325

Join Zoom Meeting


Red Cross Blood drive

Our next Red Cross Blood drive is scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2021 in the Grace parking lot.

Contact Marna Rendshaw for availability or more information.
Are you interested?
Contact Donna King at
by 2 pm Sunday, Jan 10 to be added to Grace’s team!



Annual Meeting 2021

The Annual meeting for Grace Lutheran Church is scheduled for Sunday, January 31, 2021.

This meeting will be held via zoom.  Please watch for more information in the next couple weeks



Disaster Preparedness Committee

A New Disaster Preparedness Committee is being formed at Grace Lutheran Church.  This committee will assist in making a plan for how Grace Lutheran can help if there is a local emergency and will also work to inform church members about how to be prepared.

If you are interested in joining this committee or have any questions, please contact Andrea in the office.


Please remember to log your attendance for viewing the worship service.  Attendance can be logged on:


Grace Lutheran Church worship services are now being aired on Xfinity Cable channel 29 on Sunday’s at 10 am.  Services will air the previous weeks service.  Please watch for information about Christmas Eve services airing on cable.

Spread the word for people who can not access the worship services online.



Growing Young Cohort

We decided in March to make sure Grace elevates families up and prioritize them.  The Christian Education committee read the book Growing Young over the summer, a research-driven book on how to grow youth.  We then signed up for a 9 month Growing Young Cohort, or group, last month, along with 49 other congregations across the world, to learn how to grow young.  Many ideas have already blossomed from our participation; soon you will have the opportunity to take a Growing Young Cohort survey of our church and how we view youth and families.  We will be organizing Empathy Training soon, so we can better understand things from a younger persons perspective.  You will also have the opportunity early next year to take part in an 8 week course on Growing Young that we will host for Grace.  It takes more than just a few people to prioritize youth and families to make it happen.  We need EVERYONE on board.  Think about what Grace would look like if we didn’t have any families, or youth?  If we don’t turn things around, that thought will become reality.  We know that is not what you want, so please consider joining us for the things that help make our Grace congregation…family.     


If you are interested in a printed copy of the December issues of Grace Gatherings please contact the church office to have a copy mailed to you.


If you need a book from the Grace Lutheran Church Library, we will get it to you!!  Have you checked out the new online catalog yet? Try
Or go to the Grace website, under Resources, click on Grace Library. Click on any book, then the button that says Ask About Becoming a Library Patron. Enter your name and email and/or phone and we will contact you.



Thank you to everybody who has been returning the blue bottle drop bags.

Between September 1 and November 15,, 2020, members of Grace Lutheran Church have turned in over $275 in cans and bottles.  This money will go towards our IDA Fund and will continue our mission in assisting members of our community who are in need.


The Reopening Committee has been working hard on creating protocols for small group gatherings happening at Grace.

For the safety of all individuals entering Grace Lutheran Church, we ask that all small groups who are meeting at Grace call and email the church office to get your meeting on the online calendar.  These protocols will be posted in multiple locations around the church, can be emailed to you, or can be found at:

Please call the church at 541-757-1600 and email us at to get your gathering put on the online calendar.


Giving at a Glance
Support the many ministries of Grace Lutheran

Contributions as of December 25,  2020

Contributions for the Month of December: $ 30,914;
December’s Budget:  $ 45,100;
Last Weeks Giving: $ 12,478;
Weekly Budget: $ 11,275;
YTD contributions:  $305,381;
YTD budget:  $ 324,725


Attention all individuals entering Grace

As of July 1, 2020 all individuals entering Grace are required to wear a face covering.  If you do not have a face covering, individually wrapped masks are available at the sign in station.

Sign in forms have been placed at the entry/exit doors at Grace Lutheran Church.

Please fill out the form upon entering the building.  Writing utensils are provided, but personal writing utensils can be used.  To maintain the safety of all individuals entering Grace, please follow the posted instructions.

Press Release
Alcoholics Anonymous:  COVID-19 Response

Life without drinking is still possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Corvallis—Local Alcoholics Anonymous groups have temporarily closed the doors of face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, those struggling with drinking are still in need of support during this difficult time. Those in need can still access the support AA provides through the local hotline and virtual meetings.

The local hotline number is (541) 967-4252. It is answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week by members of the local AA community.
Many local and global AA groups are hosting meetings virtually.  You can attend virtual meetings on your computer, smartphone, or by dialing in. Attendees will remain anonymous and need only introduce themselves by their first names.

To access both local and global meetings occurring online 24-hours a day, visit the District 21 website:
More information about what AA is and does can be found at: