Our Mission

is to follow Christ into our community and world manifesting with caring hearts and helping hands the good news of the Kingdom of God.


Our Vision

is to be a Christ-centered community who welcomes all, grows in faith, and reaches out in love.


Our Values are:

Prayer We believe God wants us to be in communication, listening and sharing our needs, joys and sorrows.  Prayer is essential to nourishing our relationship with God and others.

Spiritual GrowthWe believe we grow as Christians in our relationship with God and as followers of Christ by regularly praying, worshiping, reading scripture and ministering in daily life.

Christ-Centered Living We believe we strive to act with integrity, sensitivity and love as we live in the example of Christ.

Service We believe Jesus taught us to love one another.  As a response to God’s love we are called to serve each other in the church, the community and the world.

Community We believe that by gathering together we have the opportunity to grow in our relationship with others and experience Christ’s presence.

Welcoming We believe in welcoming others with the unconditional love of Christ and welcoming all regardless of race, color, age, gender, economic status, sexual identity or physical or mental ability.

Evangelism We believe we have been called by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Good News of God’s saving grace, through word and deed.

Facility as Ministry Center We believe the Church building is a central, sacred place for fellowship, service, learning and hearing God’s Word.

Worship We believe in worship we come together as one family to receive spiritual renewal by hearing God’s word, learning to share our faith, praising the living God and thanking God for the gifts He gives to us.

Wellness We believe God desires spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical well being for all God’s children.

Education/Learning – We Believe our relationships with God and others are deepened through educational opportunities that increase our appreciation of God’s world and support us through all our life stages.
Children and Youth – We believe we, as a congregation, are in partnership with families in nurturing the faith of children and youth.