What is happening at our church?


This Week at and away from Grace

When will we return to worship?

People seem to be longing for the time when we can gather in the nave at Grace Lutheran Church, look across the chancel at the friendly faces and commune together around the Table. When people have asked us when that will be, we just look at each other sheepishly, shrug our shoulders, and give a reply that evades the question. We have not set a target date to begin in-person worship at this time. At the same time, we have set up a task force that is looking into the way we will ease into opening for worship and opening the church building for Grace activities.

The task force consists of President Bob Keith, Nancy Hemming, Rebekah Hadlock, Ron Larsen and the pastors. We will be enlisting the committees of the congregation and other volunteers to help us as we get the church ready to open. Our path is set to be gradual, cautious and thorough. You should also know, that we have already been discussing these things with the Congregational Council and the Oregon Synod Bishop’s Office, as well as consulting the resources from the State of Oregon, Benton County and the City of Corvallis. Our intent is to follow their safeguards.

More than that, we would like some input from you, the congregation members, to tell us your concerns and the sorts of precautions you would like to see us take. So write us a note. Send it by email to Bob Keith, our Congregational President, who is going to be the point person. keithr@peak.org  You may send him a letter at the church office: ATTN: Bob Keith, Grace Lutheran Church, 435 NW 21st ST, Corvallis, OR   97330 regular mail. Or call him at 541-754-6391.

Quarterly Giving Statements went out in the mail this week.  If you do not receive yours and want a copy, please contact the church office.

Graduate Recognition Day is Coming!
Thursday, May 28 

You’re invited to join the caravan for a “drive-by” celebration of Grace’s graduates. We’ll meet up at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church (333 NW 35th) on Thursday 5/28 at 4:45 pm, then drive in a caravan to Grace for the 5 pm festivities. Come join the fun! 

Send in your Graduation news 

(1) If you know of a Grace or Luther House grad who’d like to participate in the 5/28 celebration, please e-mail donnak@grace97330.org no later than this Sunday (5/24) to reserve their spot. Cake & balloons & gifts are involved!

(2) We’ll do our big list of grads a little differently this year – so to get in on that, you have a little more time. Please e-mail donnak@grace97330.org with graduation news for yourself, your kids, grandchildren, nieces & nephews, and friends no later than June 10. We’ll put together our recognition list to publish this summer, with prayers & joy for you all! 

This weeks video will include a farewell to Shelley Chamberlain and the Palmgren family and will also feature a solo on the organ by
Sunghee Kim

Please watch for the Sunday, May 24, 2020 worship service that will be emailed out on Saturday.

The video link can also be found on our website at 
or on our facebook at

DVD’s for each Sunday’s worship video are available upon request.  Please contact the church office to request a copy.
Please call 541-757-1600 or email at office@grace97330.org

If you are interested in a printed copy of the May issue of Grace Gatherings, please contact the church office to have a copy mailed to you.

Giving at a Glance
Support the many ministries of Grace Lutheran

Contributions as of May 16, 2020

Contributions for the Month of  May: $ 16,982;
May budget: $ 29,500;
Last 2 Weeks of Giving: $ 16,982;
Weekly Budget: $ 7,300;
YTD contributions:  $ 131,476;
YTD budget:  $ 130,300

Spring is in full bloom at Grace and because the Annual Clean Up was canceled, there is more work for the volunteers who regularly take care of the landscaping.  If you are interested in helping with the landscaping around Grace, please contact Ron Larson to schedule a time.

Free Face Masks available and Sewers Needed

From Elizabeth Wyatt & the CorvallisSewingBrigade:
We can help get cloth masks or face shields to anyone free of charge.  Folks can go to bentoncounty.recovers.org and click on “I have a need” for the fastest turn around time and easy tracking for us (these requests come right to us).  If you would like to volunteer to sew cloth face masks, the need is still very much alive! Info on how to volunteer can be found at CorvallisSewingBrigade.org 

Here is an article and video f you or somebody you know is struggling with irritation from wearing a mask.


Press Release
Alcoholics Anonymous:  COVID-19 Response

Life without drinking is still possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Corvallis—Local Alcoholics Anonymous groups have temporarily closed the doors of face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, those struggling with drinking are still in need of support during this difficult time. Those in need can still access the support AA provides through the local hotline and virtual meetings.

The local hotline number is (541) 967-4252. It is answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week by members of the local AA community.
Many local and global AA groups are hosting meetings virtually.  You can attend virtual meetings on your computer, smartphone, or by dialing in. Attendees will remain anonymous and need only introduce themselves by their first names.

To access both local and global meetings occurring online 24-hours a day, visit the District 21 website:  https://aaoregon-district21.org/
More information about what AA is and does can be found at: https://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/what-is-aa