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Walking Together Toward Courageous Love 

As we move forward in this corona-time, it is difficult to say when we might 
be able to gather together in person for worship and fellowship. Yet at the 
same time we know that in some places, one just a state away, people are 
already taking a few steps in that direction. Last Wednesday, Bishop Laurie 
of the Oregon Synod, sent pastors and congregational leaders an email which 
reminded the clergy that our gospel lesson was the story of two disciples on 
the road to Emmaus (Luke 24. 13-35). While they were uncertain and 
frightened about what laid ahead for them, Jesus was there with them, even 
when they didn’t recognize his presence, to encourage them as he accompanied 
them on their journey. So it is also, that Jesus is with us in this COVID 
Journey as well.   

It is with this confidence in the presence of Christ with us, that we are 
taking a few tentative steps forward to begin to consider what might lie 
ahead of us on the road before us. When might we return to worship in our 
sanctuary? What are the steps we will need to take to get there? Moreover, 
what are the considerations we must look at before we take those first 
steps? What needs to be done to prepare? What comes in-between? What will 
our worship look like on the road? How do we keep things fresh? How do we provide 
continuity? How do we remain faithful? 

Ultimately, our Congregational Council has the constitutional responsibility 
to decide the overall scope of these things. Yet, pastors, committees, 
staff, and volunteers have an important role in these considerations too. To 
that end, those you have elected and called to do these things are taking 
their responsibilities seriously. We are moving ahead toward our Emmaus and 
that time when, together, we again see Jesus in the breaking of the bread. 
To that end, we will continue to seek Christ’s guidance through the Holy 
Spirit in these things. So, keep us in your prayers. Let us know your 
yearnings and your anxieties. None of us has really been down this road 
before, yet we know that we do not walk this road alone. The peace of Christ 
be with you all.       


Please watch for the Sunday, May 3, 2020 worship service that will be emailed out on Saturday.  

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Spring is in full bloom at Grace and because the Annual Clean Up was canceled, there is more work for the volunteers who regularly take care of the landscaping.  If you are interested in helping with the landscaping around Grace, please contact Ron Larson to schedule a time.

Free Face Masks and Sewers Needed

From Elizabeth Wyatt & the CorvallisSewingBrigade:
We can help get cloth masks or face shields to anyone free of charge.  Folks can go to and click on “I have a need” for the fastest turn around time and easy tracking for us (these requests come right to us).  If you would like to volunteer to sew cloth face masks, the need is still very much alive! Info on how to volunteer can be found at 


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