This Week at and away from Grace


This Sunday, August 30, 2020
10 am

Please join Grace Lutheran Church for a Live Stream Worship Service on YouTube, followed by Communion via Zoom at 11am.  

This will be the final worship service with Pr. Netsie and Pr. Wendell at Grace.

By joining live, you will have a real-time worship experience and will have the opportunity to chat with others as you wish.  The video from the service will be available on YouTube by 11:30am on Sunday if you miss the live worship time.  


The Eucharist.

Please join each other again for this Sunday’s Communion service at 11:00 on ZOOM.

You simply need to have ready your own wine, grape juice, or apple juice as you choose, in a separate glass for each person.  And have a piece of bread of your choice, or wafer, or cracker as you choose. 

You may login by clicking on the ZOOM address listed below on your computer, tablet or smart phone to join us this Sunday.

If you have trouble doing so, and you need some assistance, please feel free to call one of the following:

Dave or Shelly Lundahl  541-602-3419
Bruce or Mary Stephens  541-754-9841
Michael Beachley 541-760-0882

Michael Beachley, chair
GLC Worship and Music Committee
Meeting Time:  August 29, 2020 11:00 AM
Meeting ID:        831 7559 8280
Join Zoom Link:



Virtual Talent Show

Do you, your family, or your animals have a talent that you would like to showcase on the first Grace Lutheran Church Virtual Talent Show.  The possibilities are endless, and nobody is too young or too old to enter.  If you have stage fright, perhaps Tik Tok is your preferred avenue of participation.  Virtual Talent Show is Friday evening, on September 11, 2020.

Please contact Kendra Wollert for more information or to let her know of your interest.  Kendra can be reached via phone at 541-243-3025 or via email at


Fraudulent email messages continue to be sent to our members usurping both Pr. Wendell’s and Pr. Netsie’s names and positions as pastors.  Please know that both pastors will not be sending any church related email messages out after August 31st.   If you receive something from them after this date, know that it is being sent from an impostor and not a pastor.   

                Often times the wording on such messages say that the pastor needs a favor from you and to email him or her as soon as possible.  It will then be followed up by a request for a gift card to benefit someone who has cancer, or needs assistance, or something else to pull on your heart strings.  So, please be wary and look beyond the name to the email address from which the message is being sent (which will never end in as any legitimate church email messages would.) 


The Grace Global Book Club will be meeting via Zoom on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 12pm.  Contact Mary Ann Matzke for more information and the zoom link.  Email Mary Ann at:



The American Red Cross needs your help.  As we continue to move through this time of uncertainty, fear, and sickness the need for blood can not be greater.  Our last blood drive was held with great success in June, and our next blood drive at Grace is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm in the Grace Parking Lot.  Cleanliness, Safety and Social Distancing will be priority to keep all safe.  Please call Marna Renshaw at home at 541 286-4537 or her cell at 541-760-7174.  Every little bit helps to save lives.



In September a new book for the adult bible study will be started.  If you are interesting in joining the adult bible study, please contact Frank and Sue Davis.


Whitney Lindquist
The Alexander Bend
1125 NE Watt Way # 437
Bend OR  97701


Sunday, September 6, 2020 will be the Labor Day Corvallis Ecumenical Service at 10 am.  Please watch for links and how to view and engage.  


The Reopening Committee has been working hard on creating protocols for small group gatherings happening at Grace.  

For the safety of all individuals entering Grace Lutheran Church, we ask that all small groups who are meeting at Grace call and email the church office to get your meeting on the online calendar.  These protocols will be posted in multiple locations around the church, can be emailed to you, or can be found at:

Please call the church at 541-757-1600 and email us at to get your gathering put on the online calendar.


Attention Grace Members who use the key in the lock boxes

On August 1, 2020, the code to all of the lock boxes at Grace was changed.  For the health and safety of all individuals entering Grace, we feel it is important to update this code.  If you are interested in receiving the new code, please put in a request to the church office and we will get back to you.  Requests can be either via phone or via email.  Please email the office at or call the church office at 541-757-1600


If you need a book from the Grace Lutheran Church Library, we will get it to you!!  Have you checked out the new online catalog yet? Try
Or go to the Grace website, under Resources, click on Grace Library. Click on any book, then the button that says Ask About Becoming a Library Patron. Enter your name and email and/or phone and we will contact you.


Attention all individuals entering Grace

As of July 1, 2020 all individuals entering Grace are required to wear a face covering.  If you do not have a face covering, individually wrapped masks are available at the sign in station.

Sign in forms have been placed at the entry/exit doors at Grace Lutheran Church.

Please fill out the form upon entering the building.  Writing utensils are provided, but personal writing utensils can be used.  To maintain the safety of all individuals entering Grace, please follow the posted instructions.


Thank you to everybody who has been returning the blue bottle drop bags.

Since June 1, 2020, members of Grace Lutheran Church have turned in over $200 dollars in cans and bottles.  This money will go towards our IDA Fund and will continue our mission in assisting members of our community who are in need.


The New Christ in Our Home Devotions are now available for July, August, and September.  

Please contact the office if you would like one to be mailed to you.  Please also designate if you would like standard print or large print.


DVD’s for each Sunday’s worship video are available upon request.  Please contact the church office to request a copy.
Please call 541-757-1600 or email at


If you are interested in a printed copy of the August issues of Grace Gatherings, please contact the church office to have a copy mailed to you.


Giving at a Glance
Support the many ministries of Grace Lutheran

 Contributions as of August 13,  2020

Contributions for the Month of August: $ 22,898;
August’s Budget:  $ 23,600;
Last 2 Weeks of Giving: $ 6,403;
Weekly Budget: $ 4,720;
YTD contributions:  $214,597;
YTD budget:  $ 213,100  

Free Face Masks available and Sewers Needed

From Elizabeth Wyatt & the CorvallisSewingBrigade:
We can help get cloth masks or face shields to anyone free of charge.  Folks can go to and click on “I have a need” for the fastest turn around time and easy tracking for us (these requests come right to us).  If you would like to volunteer to sew cloth face masks, the need is still very much alive! Info on how to volunteer can be found at 


Here is an article and video if you or somebody you know is struggling with irritation from wearing a mask.


Press Release
Alcoholics Anonymous:  COVID-19 Response

Life without drinking is still possible during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Corvallis—Local Alcoholics Anonymous groups have temporarily closed the doors of face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, those struggling with drinking are still in need of support during this difficult time. Those in need can still access the support AA provides through the local hotline and virtual meetings.

The local hotline number is (541) 967-4252. It is answered 24-hours a day, seven days a week by members of the local AA community.
Many local and global AA groups are hosting meetings virtually.  You can attend virtual meetings on your computer, smartphone, or by dialing in. Attendees will remain anonymous and need only introduce themselves by their first names.

To access both local and global meetings occurring online 24-hours a day, visit the District 21 website:
More information about what AA is and does can be found at: