Grace’s Natural Church Development Team is providing this prayer guide as a way of encouraging and strengthening our prayer life as a congregation. Please keep it handy throughout the month and pray with us on a daily basis.

1 – Pray that health care becomes available to all in need.

2 – Pray that food is available to those who hunger.

3 – Pray that clothing is available to those in need.

4 – Pray that shelter is available to those in need.

5—Pray for those who work today.

6 – Pray that hatred in any form be ended and that love prevails.

7 – Pray that job opportunities are available to all in need.

8 – Pray that large and small conflicts can be resolved in a caring and loving matter.

9 – Pray that those in poor health are restored to full health.

10 – Pray that our national forces on the battlefield remain safe.

11 – Pray that our personal resources are used wisely in His world.

12 – Pray for the Staff at Grace that they not be overburdened.

13 – Pray for our Sunday school staff that they teach lessons that will inspire students to follow Him.

14 – Pray for just leadership in all nations.

15 – Pray that prisoners in our country be treated fairly.

16 – Pray that our justice system treat people justly.

17 – Palm Sunday.  Pray that the exuberance of His followers during His entry into Jerusalem will inspire will inspire His followers today in their daily lives.

18 – Pray for elected leaders throughout our land to govern honestly and justly for their constituency.

19—Pray that the church might be renewed.

20 – Pray that love prevails in all the families of our church.

21 – Pray that we can make sacrifices to help others in their time of need.

22—Pray that those who suffer may not be forsaken.

23 – Pray for constructive and loving conflict wherever it may arise.

24 – Easter.  Pray that His rising inspires the world to follow his image in faith and deed.

25 –Let us pray that whatever talent we have is used to the benefit of others.

26 – Pray that we speak out against injustice.

27 – Pray for all members of Grace in whatever role they play.

28 – Pray that our youth are inspired by their understanding of Him.

29 – Pray that His Peace prevail on this earth.

30 – Pray that the Holy Spirit be and abide with you in all endeavors.