Consider the birds of the air..

A Memorial to Harold Werth

The next time you stop by the church, you will see that there has been quite a lovely addition to the big brick wall in the courtyard. Gloria Werth has very generously donated the funds for a beautiful sculpture installed there in honor of her late husband, Harold.
On the brick wall are 19 doves in flight to the heavens, with a 20th dove perched on the bench below. Also on the bench is a plaque with a bible verse from Matthew 6; “Consider the birds of the air…”. Because the birds were sculpted in stainless steel, we know that they will remain beautiful for decades to come.

We were very fortunate to commission this art from local sculptor, Raymond Hunter, who is quite well known in our area. You have probably seen some of Raymond’s work: the Ballerina in Central Park, the Squirrel perched on a bench in Central Park, or the beautiful metal door pulls on the front doors of the Historic Carousel & Museum in Albany. Raymond and his wife, Nancy worked together for about 8 months creating this wonderful tribute, with each bird being unique in size, shape, and flight. Raymond even named many of the birds as they came to life for him; the highest bird is named The Holy Spirit.

Becky Kiersky took a time lapse video of the art installation and Bruce Stephens edited the video that you can watch at the link below.

From Inspiration to Installation  – A time lapse journey

Once we are able to gather together again in worship at Grace, a dedication and reception will be planned for Gloria during the coffee time after church.

A message from Raymond and Nancy:

May the Arc of Doves inspire Love, Peace, and Joy and take flight in understanding we are so much more than we imagine.
Blessings to you and the congregation,
~Raymond and Nancy Lorraine