November – Daily Prayer Guide
Nov 1: Gracious Lord, we give thanks for the new day, for the air we breathe and for the fresh water that we drink.
Nov 2: Dear God, help us to continue to live together and help one another.
Nov 3: Dear Lord, as we greet the new day help us to be strong to face the challenges of our lives.
Nov 4: Help us to refresh ourselves daily with rest and relaxation, fresh air and invigorating activity, even if it is only for 5-10 minutes at a time.
Nov 5: As time passes and we grow weary, please help us to be compassionate.
Nov 6: Heavenly Father, hold us in your loving arms and help us to renew ourselves in your embrace.
Nov 7: Thank-you Father for work, the satisfaction of a job well-done, and the encouragement that brings to our lives.
Nov 8: By your grace we carry on, Lord.
Nov 9: Lord, thank-you for our children. They often bring joy to us and lighten our hearts.
Nov 10: Thank-you dear Lord, for our friends and family and the fun we have together.
Nov 11: Veterans Day: Lord of Hosts, we pray that your almighty arm strengthen and protect all those who have served our country, in time of war and peace. For those whose wounds are seen and not seen, that they be honored for their service, and that a grateful nation bid them thanks. Martin, Bishop of Tours, 397 A.D. patron saint of soldiers and horses Søren Kierkegaard, teacher, 1855, Danish Christian philosopher, theologian and religious author.
Nov 12: Caring Lord, comfort and give solace to those whose lives have not gone as they
planned, or who are living through times of sadness, disappointment or the setbacks of life.
Nov 13: Lord, may we give encouragement to others each day and a kind and helping hand to all that we meet this day.
Nov 14: Gracious God, we pray that our political leaders and those who set apart law may
deliberate with truth and honestly, with genuine respect for one another and for this nation. Emperor Justinian, confessor, Emperor of New Rome, 565 Justinian protected the purity of the church by suppressing heretics. He neglected no opportunity for securing the rights of the Church and clergy. He wrote the first comprehensive set of Roman Laws, much US law finds its basis in this legal legacy.
Nov 15: God of justice and mercy, inspire us to know and work for higher values that all may know and attain the self-fulfillment you desire for us and for others.
Nov 16: Help us Lord to use the precious resources of our earth with wisdom and restraint to avoid waste, pollution and terrible destruction of our mother, Earth.
Nov 17: Urge us Lord, to give sustenance (food, shelter, clothing, medicine) to those who are visible in our community and to those who are not visible to us in the faces of others
throughout the world. Elisabeth of Hungary, renewer of society, 1231 relinquished her wealth to the poor, built hospitals, and became a symbol of Christian charity in Germany and elsewhere before her death at the age of 24.
Nov 18: Almighty God, giver of all good things, We thank you for the natural majesty and
beauty of this Earth. It restores us although we are want to destroy it. Make us ever aware of its gifts to us.
In preparation for the feast of Thanksgiving Let us give thanks to God for all God’s gifts:
Nov 19:…..for the beauty of creation, in earth and sky, for cloud banked days and crystal white mornings heralding the sleep of nature but making crisp our senses.
Nov 20: ….for daily food and drink, for our homes and families and friends as we look forward to travel to make visits, or receive company or, even, to sit in quiet thanksgiving.
Nov 21: ….for health and strength to work and leisure to rest and play.
Nov 22: ……for minds that think, and hearts to love and hands to serve.
Nov 23: ….for all men and women whose lives reveal the image of Christ;
Clement, Bishop of Rome, c. 100 First pope after Saint Peter, identified as the Clement that
Paul mentioned in Philippians as a fellow laborer in Christ. His most important work was to
affirm the apostolic authority of the clergy and the role of Bishops.
Nov 24: Thanksgiving Day ….for valiant seekers after truth, liberty and justice and for those who seek to serve in the “diaconia” as ministers of service; Justus Falckner, 1723, first Lutheran pastor to be ordained within the United States; Jehu Jones, 1852 founded one of the first African-American Lutheran congregations in the United States, and was actively involved in improving the social welfare of blacks; William Passavant, 1894, Lutheran Pastor noted for bringing the Lutheran Deaconess movement to the United States.
Nov 25:…for minds and hearts to hear the music of our souls and for artists and musicians in all time and place that have given us the gift of a musical heritage. Isaac Watts, 1748, prolific and popular hymn writer, he was recognized as the “Father of English Hymnody”, credited with some 750 hymns
Nov 26:…for the Communion of Saints, in all times and places, We thank you Lord;
Nov 27:…And above all, let us give thanks for the great promises and mercies given to us in
Christ Jesus, our Lord.
Nov 28: Lord, let us speak words of hope and bring real joy to all we meet this day.
Nov 29: We remember the people of Japan who still suffer from the effects of Tsunami and
who continue to rebuild their communities. Give them the promise of the rainbow—of God’s goodness and favor upon them and their lives.Noah, the tenth and last Patriarch before the great Flood contained in chapters 6–9 of the book of Genesis, where he saves his family (his wife, three sons, and their wives) and representatives of all animals from the flood by constructing an ark.
Nov 30: Lord, we pray that we may take up our cross in ministries of work and service that your name may be praised throughout the world.
Saint Andrew, Apostle, Andrew, Peter’s brother is referred to as one of the disciples more
closely attached to Jesus. His ministry centered in Asia Minor and southern Russia. Tradition states that he was martyred by crucifixion on an X-shaped by his request because he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified like his Lord, Jesus.
Nov 31: Lord, let us feel inward joy in all things seen and heard this day.