1. Pray for a safe and pleasant journey for the Kenya mission group as they leave by air today for Kenya.
2. Pray that the Kenya mission will be a Holy Spirit-filled, soul-touching and productive experience for both the members of Grace ‘s mission and the Kenyan people they join.
3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide, bless, and give inspiration and wisdom to Stephen Dietrich and Ursula Bechert as they lead the Grace team to participate in the Kenya Church ministry.
4. Pray individually for the other members of the Kenya mission: Nita Davies, Ben Gunther, Sean Hixon, Bob and Jessie Saathoff, Linda Samuels, Anna Vigeland, and Marilyn and Ron Walsh. Ask God to keep everyone well and to guide and bless them on this mission. Pray also for the Kenyans they will be ministering to.
5. Pray for good weather and wonderful time of fellowship for the Partners of Faith, as they gather for a garden party at Marna and Terry Renshaw’s home late this afternoon.
6. Thank the dear Lord for the rain and sunshine that make our gardens flourish and keep Oregon green.
7. Pray that our congregation will be blessed as they worship today. Thank God for all who minister: the musicians, ushers, sound technicians, healing prayer ministers, communion servers, refreshment servers, hospital and home visitors, and especially our pastors, Netsie and Wendell.
8. Pray that our Summer Day Camp, which starts today and ends on the 12th, will be a spiritual and rewarding experience for all who participate in it—the children, leaders and volunteers.
9. Pray that the Camp Lutherwood Counselors who are leading Summer Day Camp, will have not only spiritual energy, but physical energy to match the children’s. Ask God to bless these young counselors in their ministry to children.
10. Pray that Summer Day Camp will be a meaningful experience for the children.
11. Pray for a safe trip home for the Kenya Mission team.
12. Pray for Camp Lutherwood’s Summer Camp programs and also the campers.
13. Pray for the safety of all who enjoy water recreation and other summer activities.
14. Ask God to richly bless Pastor Netsie and Pastor Wendell as they carry out His work in our church and the community.
15. Thank God in your prayers today for the fantastic experience of living on His beautiful Planet Earth and ask his guidance in caring for it.
16. Bring in prayer the names of all your family members and ask God to keep them in His care.
17. Thank God for His glorious instruction book—the Bible. Read some Psalms today .
18. Pray for a spiritual renewal of all who participate and attend Holden Village.
19. Pray for the sick, the needy, and people who are grieving for the loss of a loved one.
20. Pray that cures will be found soon for all debilitating diseases. Pray for yourself.
21. Pray that God will nourish our souls as we worship Him at church today. Pray for spiritual growth. Ask the Holy Spirit to bless our pastors, the church council members and the church staff.
22. Thank Him for the many talented people who entertain us and make life so enjoyable. If you have a talent, thank God for that gift.
23. Pray that our government leaders will make decisions for the good of our country and not for the benefit of their political party.
24. Remember in your prayers today the men and women serving our country in the military.
25. Thank the Lord for the farmers who grow food and raise animals for meat to feed us.
26. Lift in prayer the school teachers and college faculty as they prepare for a new academic year.
27. Lift in prayer parents that they may raise their children with love and wisdom and introduce them to the love of Jesus.
28. Thank God for the Christian fellowship of our congregation at church today. Bless Grace Lutheran.
29. Ask God to bless all who get married this month or have a wedding anniversary.
30. Lift in prayer the students who are getting ready to attend OSU or LBCC or other universities.
31. Thank Jesus for his death on the cross and resurrection so that we may have eternal life.