Notes from the Re-opening Grace Steering Committee


The Re-opening Committee met on March 24 and discussed the current situation with COVID and its variants and the impact on in-person worship and use of the church.  At this time, the omicron subvariant has not resulted in a surge of COVID cases in Benton County or the State of Oregon, though it has been detected in 4 Oregon communities.  A few weeks ago, Oregon abolished its mask mandate with the exception that masks are still required in medical settings and facilities.  Individuals as well as organizations are free to make their own decisions regarding wearing masks.

It appears that there is some confusion about whether masks are required at Grace.  When the mandate was eliminated, the committee sent out a note which included our decision that masks were now a personal choice, though they were still encouraged at worship services.  At our recent meeting, we have decided to continue in that manner until we know how the new variant will affect our area.  This means that when you come to church, you are free to go maskless or to wear a mask—whichever you prefer. For the time being at least, we will still maintain social distancing in the pews.

In addition, the doors will remain locked except on Sundays.  Staff will be onsite only on Mondays and Thursdays.  In addition, we will require everyone who comes to the church between 8:00 am and 12:30 pm Monday through Friday, to wear a mask.  This is the time when the Sandcastle children are present.  This will help protect the children and us as well.

If you have any questions, please let the office know and they will forward them to the Re-opening Committee. Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding.