Spirit baptizes Christ for his work among us!

Our re-creation in baptism is an image of the Genesis creation, where the Spirit of God moved over the waters. Both Mark’s gospel and the story in Acts make clear that it is the Spirit’s movement that distinguishes Jesus’ baptism from John’s. The Spirit has come upon us as upon Jesus and the Ephesians, calling us God’s beloved children and setting us on Jesus’ mission to re-create the world in the image of God’s vision of justice and peace.

Worship Liturgy

Order of Worship & lessons


Learning Resources

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Worship Liturgy


Call to Worship and Welcome            Bryson Bell Ringing & Walk into Sanctuary video  (use through Jan 3) Opening Song   Sounds of Grace (Keep using Christmas songs, please) Greeting Pr D+

P:  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

C:  And also with you

Prayer of the Day              Pr D+

Holy God, creator of light and giver of goodness, your voice moves over the waters. Immerse us in your grace, and transform us by your Spirit, that we may follow after your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


WORD First Reading: Isaiah 61:10–62:3 Tom Kiersky, Reader  Epistle: Galatians 4:4-7 Tom Kiersky    Reader  Gospel Acclamation ELW 715 Christ, Be Our Light v2 —through Epiphany season (to 2/14/21) Gospel:  Luke 2:22-40 Pr D+ Children’s Time Pr D+ Message                             Juan Carlos la Puente Tapia, Oregon Synod Bishop’s Associate Hymn of the Day               Once in Royal David’s City ELW#269  Sounds of Grace Nicene Creed                      Prayers of the Faithful     Pr D+ and/or Reader lighting candles ?? Sharing Christ’s Peace    Pr D+ Offering                          Pr D+ Offertory                 Carol of the Bells           Isaac H. (Pre-recorded) Offering Prayer (in unison) Pr D+ Announcements               Pr D+ SENDING  Blessing—Benediction    Pr D+ Dismissal                           Bryson

Go in peace. Share the gift of Jesus.

Thanks be to God.

Postlude Sunghee  

Readings & Psalm

Genesis 1:1-5 God creates light God creates light Psalm 29 The voice of the Lord is upon the waters. (Ps. 29:3) Acts 19:1-7 Baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Mark 1:4-11 Revelation of Christ as God’s servant

Celebrate Holy Communion together “virtually”.

Please join with other worshipers and the pastors for this Sunday’s Communion service at 11:00 on ZOOM via computer, tablet or smart phone.

You simply need to have ready your own wine, grape juice, or apple juice as you choose, in a separate glass for each person.  And have a piece of bread of your choice, or wafer, or cracker as you choose. If you didn’t receive an email to join us this Sunday, you may find the ZOOM login information to login by entering your name and email in the green form.

Learning Resources

Learn more with the additional resources in this post.  Click through this post to find the materials.

Nativity Event 2021

Nativity Event 2021

Drive-through Nativity Story Saturday, December 18,   5:00pm - 8:30 pm    This year we will again tell the story of Jesus' birth outside in lights, art, music, and a living creche scene.   Come enjoy a colorful lighted series of signs and characters that show and tell the Biblical Nativity story with classical Christmas carols as you pass slowly through the parking lot.   The story of Christ's birth will be told in lighted signs and figures lining the path from the entry of the Grace...

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Adult Bible Study  – Justice, Law, History- Dec 2021- Feb 2022

Adult Bible Study – Justice, Law, History- Dec 2021- Feb 2022

Adult Bible Study  - Starts December 5 Sundays after Worship:  11:15am in Ronnencamp Hall However, we will continue to email to those that wish. Contact Frank or Sue at fssndavis@msn.com if you wish to get the Bible Study lessons emailed to you or want to learn more about the class. Stay well.Justice, Law, History The study focuses on Old Testament scriptures and the interaction between the ideal of justice, God’s pursuit of justice in history, and God’s gift of the law that allows humans to...

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Offerings of Thanksgiving

While we are keeping physical social distance, there are still options for you to continue bringing your offerings to God and support the ministries of Grace.

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Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

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