August’s texts have a lot to do with living our lives for others. At Grace, we try to make this real, in all kinds of ways. “Our mission is to follow Christ into our community and world manifesting with caring hearts and helping hands the good news of the Kingdom of God.”   (

This month, we encourage you to get creative …find a way to surprise someone with “the good news of the Kingdom of God!”

50 Year Anniversary!

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton celebrates 50 years of Women’s ordination in the ELCA and predecessor bodies.

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Advocacy Tools for Loving Your Neighbor

(free webinar, registration required)

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry explore the nature of faith-based advocacy, the issues to which we can speak, and the ways we can make our voices heard.

Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcasts

Hope-filled conversations about teenagers and anxiety from Fuller Youth Institute

Episode 1 – Faith in an Anxious World (34:51 minutes)

 Episode 2 – Life in a Relational World (34:28 minutes)

Episode 3 – Life in a Hurting World (33:02 minutes)

 Episode 4 – Life in a Hopeful World (29:22 minutes)

Websites and Links 

How to Be an Antiracist (conversation, Brené Brown with Ibram X. Kendi, 1 hour)

A conversation about racial disparities, policy, and equality, focusing on How to Be an Antiracist, which is a groundbreaking approach to understanding uprooting racism and inequality in our society and in ourselves


A thoughtful reworking of the traditional Ignation Examen to be used as a tool for white folks hoping to act as racial allies as we look forward to a new day.           


Lutherans Restoring Creation: Cultivating Hope & Healing for Us All (website with many resources)


On Being: Civil Conversations & Social Healing Project (website)

Who Will We Be to Each Other? Conversations to nourish, embolden, and accompany the work of social healing.

Shelter Me


 (music video, 5:12 minutes)

“The way ahead is dark and difficult to see….

All will be well if only you will shelter me….”

Be Not Afraid (music video, 7:00 minutes)


“You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst…

You will wander far in safety, though you do not know the way…


How we see each other affects how we invite and welcome.

Based on texts for June 28 on experiencing Welcome and trying to provide a feeling of Welcome, this video is recommended for further thought and discussion.

Jesus sends us out to invite and welcome all. 

Can we talk about this?


Eric Law – Who Am I?

Here are some resources for help and further reflection.

After watching the video, consider:

What are three things others don’t know about you?

if you would like to share these, you can email the pastors, or share them at Grace via the Zoom fellowship after communion at 11am.