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Following Christ!

How do we reach out to others in proclaiming God’s Good News in word and deed?

Local GELCO gecko

Welcoming GELCO Team   – The Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Outreach team welcomes first time visitors.  Help the team and get to know potential new members!        Becky Kiersky

Quilting Group –  Handmade quilts are distributed by Vina Moses to those in need.    Mary Ann Hall

 Garfield School Supply  –  Members of Grace annually provide school supplies for Garfield Elementary Students.      Denise Cardinali               

Thanksgiving Baskets  –  Baskets are put together by members of Grace and distributed to Corvallis families in need.       Pastors Netsie & Wendell

Oregon Family Support Network  –   Provides support groups and teen social opportunities for families with children who have behavioral, mental health and other health needs.    Denise Cardinali                                      

Community Outreach Inc. Provides emergency shelter & services for the community.

Luther House Campus Ministry – Luther House, OSU Lutheran Campus Ministry, founded Grace Lutheran Church. Grace supports this ministry financially, through volunteer service on the Luther House Board, and by partnering with Luther House in our service to students.  Pastor Jim Norlie 541-753- 5213

Regional & Global Ministries
xmas tree line sketch

Christmas Giving Tree – Gifts are sent to the House of Zion in Woodburn, Oregon

Global Ministries – Grace supports missions through organizations like Lutheran World Relief and the ELCA Hunger Appeal, as well as actively participating in mission trips through Faith In Practice.