It’s about the Trinity!    We’re in a time after Pentecost!


The Trinity is often talked about as the “3 in 1” (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). In ancient times, one of the images for the Trinity came from the Greek word “perichoresis”, which means “dancing around a circle.” Here is uniqueness AND unity, real difference AND real togetherness, all at work for the world God loves. 

We’re hearing a desire for more connection and our country is experiencing a time of deep distress. So here’s an idea: this summer reach out and talk with someone you’d like a little deeper relationship with. Connect faith and life by taking a look together at any of the scripture texts (listed with each Sunday’s worship video) AND any of the resource ideas listed below AND what you’re hearing/seeing in the world. Let scripture and world talk to each other through your conversation. Begin with listening…

Can we talk about this?

 Here are some resources for help and further reflection.


We’ll leave these up for the month of June to give you time to listen. In July we’ll offer additional resources to help keep the conversations going.

Lutherans Connect/Spirit of Restlessness

Scroll down to listen to a powerful segment of the sung lament “I can’t breathe,” from the Morehouse College Glee Club. Listen to the whole concert if you wish.

ELCA Multicultural Youth Leadership Event

Just Mercy (film)

‘Just Mercy’ is a movie based on the life of Bryan Stevenson (2018 ELCA Youth Gathering speaker) and the fight for racial justice in our country. It will be available for free on major streaming services during the month of June.

Just Mercy discussion guide