Wednesday, March 24 – Change of Plans

Meditation by Deaconess Donna King

Service goes live at noon.

“Making Change”

Join us in starting a Lenten path together considering ways of Making Change in our lives.  During this season we look to refocus our lives on knowing God and following Jesus.  We want to strengthen and deepen our good habits and remove those areas that distract or cause us to stumble.

Our Wednesday Lenten services will continue virtually with premieres on YouTube by noon for 5 weeks

Themes for each week are:

  • Feb 24 – Change of Season
  • Mar 3 –  Change of Habit
  • Mar 10 – Change of Circumstances
  • Mar 17 – Change of Heart
  • Mar 24 – Change of Plans

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PRAY+ACT+GIVE are below.

Wednesday, March 17 – Change of Heart

Meditation by Michael Beachley

Service goes live at noon. 

Wednesday, March 10 – Change of Circumstance

Meditation by John Dallum

Service goes live at noon. 


Wednesday, March 3 – Change of Habit

Meditation by Pastor Dorthy

Wednesday, February 24 – Change of Season

Meditation by Mike Ostrom of Lutheran Campus Ministries 

Ash Wednesday 

We changed Ash Wednesday with two opportunities to receive ashes in person and an evening service

 Wednesday, February 17   Pastor Dorthy offered a Drive-throughAshes to Go in the Grace parking lot for a blessing and ashes.

7:00 pm     An evening service Premiered on YouTube and is available below.




Naming Loss and Gratitude: A Spiritual Practice for Lent

Each Day = Naming One Loss + One Gratitude, “One Anothering” our cares to God

This has been a hard year. It has been filled with loss. It has also held things we can be grateful for.  Naming our loss helps us be honest and keeps us from minimizing what we are experiencing. Naming gratitude “prevents us from drowning in sorrow.” Being together with one another gives us strength for life.

Consider a daily practice of “naming loss and gratitude.” It’s a spiritual practice that gives us a chance to practice empathy with one another in all that we’ve been through this year.  Each day, name one loss and one gratitude. That’s it. Just name one loss and one gratitude. You can do this by yourself or around the table (or virtual table) with others. This practice is especially effective in helping families communicate on a deeper level. Take turns. You can simply say the words or write or draw them.
Whatever you choose, notice and receive the losses and the gratitudes, then let them be without trying to fix a thing. Be with each other. Conclude with a simple prayer, “Bless us, O Lord.”

Be real. Be honest.
God is listening, entering in…

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Hunger Coin Bank

God is making change and we get to help!

Make a label for your Hunger Coin Bank

Download the label here and we’ll bring our banks together for the South Corvallis Food Bank.

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