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Proposals and Payments

The Grace Lutheran Church Foundation (GLCF) was inaugurated on January 22, 1995 at the annual meeting of the Congregation of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (GELC). Initial funding for the Foundation was graciously provided primarily by the estate of Alice and Carl Ronnenkamp. The Foundation was created to encourage gifts to the ministry of Grace Church that would include cash, real estate, living trusts, stocks, bonds, collectibles and other assets. It is dedicated to preserving long-term assets (principal) as an irreducible fund and to invest them to support projects that will have a long-term effect on Grace's ministry. The Foundation is also able to accept gifts of shorter-term assets for special projects that are intended to earn interest and/or be spent entirely for church-related projects.

In an effort to enhance all aspects of the GELC ministry, the GLCF Board has established policies and procedures with respect to approving funding proposals and disbursing payments. GLCF grants are primarily intended to support the ministry of GELC; the GLCF does not support normal recurring expenditures that are traditionally paid by GELC, or any other supported entities, from general funds.

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