Grace Covid-19 Protocols

Updated October 14, 2022

Updated Covid-19 Protocols and information for the Church building. 


Masks and Face Coverings 

Individuals entering Grace are encouraged but not required to wear a face covering while int eh building. . Individually wrapped masks continue to be made available on the table in the church entry.  

Small Group Meetings/Bible Studies  

We encourage Small Groups and Bible Studies to meet at Grace.  Please contact the church office to ensure the space you want is available  The building is seeing a lot of activity and we want to make sure that everybody gets the opportunity to use the space as needed.

Outside Organizations

The reopening committee is  reviewing all request to use the Grace building on a case by case basis.  If you are interested in hosting an event at Grace, please contact Andrea in the office and she will forward the information on to the reopening team.

Entry Doors

At this time all Entry doors are remaining locked except while Sandcastle is in session and office staff is on site.  Church staff is typically on site on Monday’s from 11-4 and Thursdays from 9-4 or by appointment.  If you do not have a key or the code to the lock box, please ring the intercom during normal office hours and a staff member will come open the door.

In Person Worship

We are continuing to host in Person and Live Stream Worship Services starting at 10am.  At this time we are still asking that individuals attending worship services continue to Social Distance in the pews and in the aisles/Narthex. Communion kits remain available for those who would like to remain in their pew.