Grace Lutheran Church Foundation

435 NW 21st Street
Corvallis, Oregon 97330-5599

Board of Directors – 2016


Carolyn Warloe – President
term expires 2017

Shelly Lundahl – Treasurer
term expires 2018

Hal Dick – Secretary
term expires 2018

Anne Orwick – Director
term expires 2019

Kris Saathoff – Director
term expires 2019

Bill Strohlein – Director
term expires 2017

Kathy Vohland – Director
term expires 2018

 Pastor Wendell Hendershott
term expires 2017

term expires

Joy Linn
Administrative Assistant

The Grace Lutheran Church Foundation is a nonprofit foundation established on January 22, 1995 by Grace Lutheran Church, Corvallis, Oregon. Funds are professionally managed in a corporate trust account.

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Articles of Incorporation, revised August 4, 2003

Bylaws, revised October 2006

10th Anniversary – 1995-2004, 10 years of projects


Tax ID:  93-1172573