Happy Valentine's Day

Come Meet the Shakers

All Ages Welcome!

Shakers — for over 200 years they were an innovative, charismatic, pacifist people that practiced equality for both genders, all races, and every religion. They created over 15,000 songs, some now classics; earned more than 10,000 patents for machinery and farming approaches;  and designed and fashioned simple but lovely styles for furniture, housewares, and architecture that are still popular today. During the Civil War, they provided hospitalization for both North and South within their villages. And yet all that most people remember about the Shakers is that they died out because they believed in celibacy!

On Friday, Feb. 17, we will explore their music, art, communities, and theology in a fun evening to which all are invited. Casserole dinner at 6 p.m. Discussion at 7 p.m. in the Fireside Room. Leaders are Donna Wernz on flute, Pr. Wendell Hendershott on piano, and Sharon Rosenkoetter with slides from four of the 19 Shaker communities that have been lovingly restored.  Come and enjoy meeting a people very different from ourselves, who, nevertheless, lived a life of faith that was responsive to their times. Sponsor of the evening is Partners in Faith.