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Tellers are the bottom of a ladder that moves money from the offering plate to the bookkeeper to the treasurer. On each rung of the ladder money is accounted for exactly as the giver designates. Tellers work in teams of 2 or 3 to count and record offerings on Monday or Tuesday of each week and then deposit the total offering in the bank. It is very detail‐oriented work but not difficult. They produce records of donatons for the bookkeeper that must balance down and across columns on worksheets provided. Some days this is accomplished with no problem whatsoever. Other days the team isn’t quite so skilled (or lucky). Depending on the amount of an offering, the complexity of the offering (general fund, special funds, etc.) and the accuracy of recording every single penny, it usually takes an hour or two. But it’s challenging and when a problem is finally solved it’s quite rewarding. And when there are no problems or do‐overs, it is WHOOPEE time.

Given the prosaic nature of the work, what does it have to do with being a Christian, a Lutheran, and a member of Grace Lutheran? Make no mistake, tellering is a ministry. People who give their hard‐earned cash do so with the expectation that the church will keep its fiduciary responsibility to use those sums to further the work of the Lord in our community, nation and the world. Furthermore, tellers must be trustworthy, not only in the obvious way that comes with handling money, but in the confidentiality that comes with recording who gave how much and what for. Having 4 teams of tellers also adds to the privacy of givers, since tellers never see all the donations an individual may have given. Tellers respect the privacy of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the same way that our pastors maintain confidentiality when counseling parishioners.