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The following recent Gatherings newsletters are available for reading:

Date Link
January 2010 PDF File
February 2010 PDF File
March 2010 PDF File

Grace Gatherings is a monthly newsletter publication of Grace Lutheran Church, Corvallis, Oregon, mailed to members and active participants in our congregation and seasonal and former members. It provides the best clue to prospective members of what it would be like to be part of our church.

Another great way to access the newsletter on-line is to subscribe to it on our blog.

Our purpose is to:

  • Invite members and new persons to be part of our congregation’s activities.
  • Involve members and new persons in the life of our congregation
  • Inform church members and friends about upcoming events
  • An opportunity to extend our church’s preaching and teaching ministry beyond Sunday morning and to reach readers in their homes
    • Express the church’s concern for persons
    • Provide basic information about church’s programs and goals
    • Provide spiritual enrichment
    • Inspire readers to respond to invitations and challenges the church offers
    • Boost stewardship efforts by explaining how gifts are used

Organization of the newsletter usually uses these section headings:

  • Local church news
  • Youth activities
  • Announcements of events
  • Health Ministry
  • Budget report
  • Discipling Ministry
  • Birthday’s
  • Pastoral column
  • Council report
  • Conference and National news

Thinking ahead is required to get information in the newsletter in a timely manner. Deadline for articles submitted to the Administrative Assistant is by the 15th of the month for the following month’s newsletter. Send emails to office@grace97330.org.