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Grace1 is in the church office and acts a file and print server for the other computers on the network. It is also sometimes used by non-staff people needing to use a computer. It hosts the Church Windows database and the Church Windows Payroll database programs. I has a LaserJet 4000 attached to it.


Grace2 is in the church office and is the primary computer workstation for the office administrator.


Grace3 is in the office ofn Pastor Wendell and is his primary computer workstation.


Grace4 is in the office of Pastor Netsie and is her primary computer workstation.

Grace 0

Grace0 is in the office of the bookkeeper.


Grace-h is in the office of the Parish Health Team.


Grace??? is in room 7, the middle school classroom.


Grace9 is in the sanctuary near the sound board and is used to display presentations during worship, to control the Electronic Sign outside the church, and to record audio from church services.


A wired, 100 megabit network runs from the photocopy room to various places in the church, including all the staff offices. The main router's uplink port is connected to the internet via a cable modem and Comcast. Network switches are located in Pastor Wendell's office and in the sewing room to expand the number of connections in those areas. Another network switch is next to the router to allow more connections from that location.

Resetting the Internet Connection

Complete the following steps in the specified order:

  1. Make sure no users have files open across network. For example, a document that resides on Grace1 cannot be open to a user on Grace4. Also, Church Windows cannot be in use on a system other than the host (Grace1).
  2. Turn off the router. (This is the flat box with lots of wires plugged into the front of it. It is on the shelf on the right side of the closet in the copier room. It has an on/off switch in the back.
  3. Unplug power from the cable modem, which is the other box on shelf in the closet. (Pull out the wire from the AC transformer).
  4. After a few seconds, put the power plug back into the cable modem.
  5. Wait a few seconds while the cable modem completes its “Reset”.
  6. Turn the router on again.
  7. If necessary, reboot all the computers. (This may not be necessary.)

Wi-Fi access

Two Wi-Fi access points are present at the church. They are secured via unique WPA keys. One, SSID=Grace, is in the photocopy room near the network router and provides access in the office and the Fireside Room. Another, SSID=Grace2, is in the High School Youth room, providing access to Ronnenkamp Hall and classrooms downstairs.